Common Barn-Owl (Tyto alba)
Found in open farmlands, marshlands prairies, deserts and urban areas. It nests and roosts in tree cavities as well barns and unoccupied structures. It has a distinctive heart-shaped facial disk.
Photo taken 5/06/01.

These owlets were found on the ground in a yard near where some heavy tree trimming was done.
Photo taken 5/06/01.

See 15 second movie of these Barn Owls and hear their hissing sound by clicking link below. Movie is 344k .mpg file, it may take a few minutes to load.
Barn Owl Movie - 5/6/01.

This picture shows the Barn Owls in their habitat at that center. When the they are ready for release, a door near the top of the barn will be opened and the Barn Owls will be free to leave. However, food will still be made available in the barn until they can hunt for their own food.
Photo taken 5/19/01.
Look at the difference 13 days can make in the life of a Barn Owl, the pictures at the top of this page were taken on 5/6/01, this is what they looked like on 5/19/01.
Additional Barn Owls were brought in. There were about nine living in the barn habitat at one time. The time finally came, and the small door at the top of the barn was opened. Most of them left the first night but a couple stayed for a few extra days.