Mule Deer (includes Black-tailed Deer) (Odocoileus hemionus)
Two major subspecies: Mule Deer with tail white above, tipped with black; Black-tailed Deer, with tail blackish or brown above. This deer is the Black-tailed subspecies. It normally resides in mixed habitats, forest edges, mountains and foothills. These deer have large ears that move independently and almost constantly and account for the common name.

This little female fawn was found in an area near a pool of blood and some knives. It appears that the fawn witnessed its mother's murder by poachers. It was only about 24 hours old when it arrived at the center. Photo taken 5/19/01

The fawn is now doing fine and is in a habitat enclosure together with the first deer found this year. Photo taken 5/27/01.

Photo taken 6/17/01.

The spots are gone. Photo taken the release date of 9/23/01.

Three deer were put in horse trailer and taken to private property where they were released in a remote area. Photo taken 9/23/01.

The deer stayed in the area where they were released for a while, but then wandered off into the brush. Food will be provided for a while while they get acquainted with their new diet. Photo taken 9/23/01.
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