Greater Roadrunner(Geococcyx californianus)
A large ground-dwelling crested bird from the cuckoo family. It can run fast enough to pursuelizards, snakes, birds and invertebrates as well as escape its own predation. Can be found in desert areas, chaparral, grasslands, open woodlands and agricultural areas. It is a large bird with a long tail and neck and a long pointed bill and a bushy crest. Heavily streaked grey, but proper light gives it an iridescent appearance. It has a blue and red patch behind the eye.
It appears there was an attempt to make this young Greater Roadrunner a pet, but an improper diet caused it problems. It was nearly adult size, but did not recognize its normal food and would not have been able to survive in the wild. After some time, it learned to eat its normal food and it was able to be released.

Wild animals including birds do not make good pets. It's difficult to provide a proper diet for them, and it is also illegal to remove them from the wild and keep them as pets. Photo taken 8/11/01.