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Hollister, CA 95024
Thank You to all the donors who gave to our successful matching grant program.

The Nan Pipestem Wildlife Center has established an endowment fund with the Community Foundation for San Benito County. We have been working to build this fund since 2004. With the help of the Foundation and many generous donors from the community we have achieved a balance of approximately $70,000. We see our endowment as a very important tool that will help our cause endure into the generations ahead.

The Wildlife Center is able to access only the interest from this fund, meaning donations placed here will continue long after the initial gift. Right now the interest we receive is about equal to the amount we raise during one average fundraising event and it really helps a lot. Our goal is to keep working to build this endowment so that eventually the interest could cover a more significant portion of our roughly $28,000 a year operating budget. If we can accomplish more than that there are other exciting endeavors we can explore, like creating our own operating room and x-ray facilities for Veterinarians to work in.

The opportunity to have and build our endowment with the Community Foundation opens the possibility of a secure and permanent future. Right now we depend primarily on donations and fundraising events that have made it possible to keep the doors open for over thirty years, but some years have definitely been better than others and a sense of permanency has been hard to come by.

Help us build our endowment through donations or by adding us to your estate and together we can make sure the center keeps providing our wild neighbors with specially trained licensed medical care, and educating our community with the information they need so we can all coexist peacefully forever.

We would like to add a very special thank you to the Winan family estate. With their generosity our endowment fund saw its most substantial growth yet!

For more information, contact Gary Byrne at the Community Foundation of SBC (831) 630-1924.

Help us increase the Endowment Fund.