P.O. Box 2244
Hollister, CA 95024

Our organization has been operating since 1980 as a nonprofit 501(c3) healthcare provider for native wildlife. As it turns out, our patient’s are not able to pay for their care, which means we exist only through the voluntary generosity of the community we serve. We have been so appreciative through the years to receive many heartfelt donations of time, supplies and support that make the work we do possible. We are very thankful to the Granite Rock Company in particular, that has been giving to help achieve our mission of providing specially trained, licensed medical care to San Benito County’s most awe inspiring residents. We strive to realize this goal so that, as our community moves forward into the future, we can conserve the natural treasures in this sprawling, golden, oak studded habitat we have all been blessed to steward.

Our special relationship with Granite Rock began in 1989. Back then we had a facility on Riverside road and were in desperate need of a place to relocate. We held an open house that our founder Nan organized. Fate smiled on us when Steve Woolpert attended the event. During the guided tour she had a chance to visit with Steve and tell him about the challenges the organization was facing, expressing our need for a new site and at the end of the conversation, Steve responded by telling her “all you have to do is ask.”

When she was alive and used to retell this story (which she was always tickled to do) she would talk about how for two weeks after she pondered over that conversation and was afraid to let herself hope the solution to such a big problem could really be remedied so unexpectedly. Finally she decided the worst thing that could happen was maybe the answer might turn out to be “no” so she steeled her courage and made the call. During that call, instead of Steve nicely letting her down easy, he told her he had three Granite Rock Company mineral resource properties in mind that could be suitable. He made an appointment with her to see these sites, and told her he would feel better if she picked the location! She hung up the phone in a state of shock and everything that has taken place since that fateful call has left us in a state of gratitude.

Granite Rock Company coming forward and making that contribution has insured that, for over two decades, countless sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife in San Benito County have had a safe place to recover. We have been so fortunate that their dedication to conservation led our paths to cross. Of all of our collaborations, these last thirty some odd years, the special relationship we have forged with Granite Rock is our most cherished.